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UX Booth

As an author for UX Booth, an online publication for the user experience community, I share ideas on how to make the world a more user-friendly place. View articles.

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UX, Digital Strategy, and B2B Marketing Q&A

User-centered design, UX research & user personas in Business-to-Business marketing with Jennifer Leigh Brown. Read Q&A.


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DearB2B: A time-strapped marketer’s guide to social CX

Jennifer Leigh Brown, executive planning director, provides tips to help a time-strapped reader deliver positive CX through social channels. Read article.

Research and Design Stories

Sketches, wireframes, and picture. Not much without the stories so we should talk.

Mobile Application Design Process (PDF)

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CFE Media: Marketing to Engineers Event →
A New Class of Buyers for Industry 4.0 

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), B2B marketers can’t just market to engineers anymore. The design engineer still matters, but IT decision-makers will sit at the table, too. Now everyone in the enterprise will expect something different from a B2B company and its products. This presentation created for CFE Media (Content for Engineers) included original research and advice on how to reach these new buyers.

In addition to speaking at the event, I led the research study, presentation, and supporting content development.

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Presentation PowerPoint (Available upon request)

How to Design Collaborative Meetings
Collaboration sounds great—until someone schedules another aimless “brainstorming” meeting. Bringing diverse people together can unleash their collective powers, but it takes more than a white board and Post-its. While there are many ways to approach a collaborative session, a few key elements are critical to making it productive. Whether working with creatives, business stakeholders, or users, learning the essential elements of designing collaborative meetings will ensure the outcome is actionable, and not just another time waster.
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The Art and Science of Effective Presentations
Custom training for McNees, Wallace and Nurkic, LLC

Perfecting Your Elevator Speech
Custom training for McNees, Wallace and Nurkic, LLC

Data-Informed Design: How to Conquer the Website Re-Design Debate 

A high-profile website project can be a fantastic opportunity for a marketer—or a slow, expensive, and arduous experience for everyone involved. When the debates start about what to do and how to do it, the person with data has a defensible answer and not just another opinion. Learn how taking a data-centric design approach creates better user experiences and more successful business outcomes.

UX Storytelling PhillyCHI
Available upon request

Mapping the Customer Journey
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Quick and Easy User Research Methods
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Going Mobile: Facts, Figures, and Advice for B2B Marketers
Institute for Study of Business Markets (ISBM, Penn State)
Business Marketing Association

Case Studies and Portfolio

Looking for research findings, marketing plans, wireframes or personas? Due to client confidentiality, these items are not posted publicly but are available upon request.